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May, 2023

Former Senior 
Brand Manager,  UCB

2022 will be remembered as the year when Union Camerounaise de Brasseries and live music enjoyed an uninhibited, exciting and unmatched explosive impact on Cameroonians. The miserable COVID restrictions of 2020-21, and memories of lukewarm concerts and hit-and-miss live events – many of which were laced in lingering uncertainty about whether they could actually go ahead or not – were long forgotten. UCB reunited at Bepanda Omnisports stadium in Douala more than 15 000 persons, a never-before-seen feat in Cameroun. The Concert by UCB saw on stage the very best of the incontestable Kizz Daniel, the ‘doyen’ Petit Pays, the ambassadors Salatiel & ‘Karismatik’ Moustik, the lady Mimie, the melodious Leo, the ever so impressive showwoman Lady Ponce and the up and rising Rinyu. Accompanied and backed up by Nabil and Carole Tchameni, with the DJs Goldfinger, Moyo & SIlver …  keeping the crowds on their feet from 5pm to the very early hours of the morning. 


An exhilarating year for the brewery, in the midst of its 50th year anniversary celebrations. Living legends and upcoming acts from Cameroun and Nigeria further solidified their legacies, whilst fresh faces became new favorites amidst soaring crowds made up of government authorities, foreign dignitaries, partners and clients, but most importantly, the consumers, the core of our business. The Concert by UCB is a promise and yearly rendez vous to all Cameroonians going forward, our dedication to continued excellence. 

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The iconic Concert by UCB was laced with a unique consumer experience and security at its core. A first digital experience in ticketing with our Orange and Hashting partners, a 4+ hour live stream of the concert through Equinoxe television, and for the first time, free transportation to and from the destination through solid partnerships with Socatur, Gozem and Yango. A VIP catering experience with K Hotel and KFS. Top of the notch security with Africa Security and our armed forces, sanitary measures ensured through Saneco & LGV Clean, health and safety with the firefighters of Douala, all this chaperonned by the Delegue de Surete National and the Mayor of Douala. We cannot forget to mention our major partners Graphic Systems and Easy Group, as well as all our media partners (Radio, television, print) who worked hand in hand to ensure the very best conditions.


UCB has always had at its heart the mission to celebrate Cameroonian excellence, through arts, music, culture, entrepreneurship, diversity, and this year we continued our goal to be a space of inclusivity and representation by consciously highlighting only the best.  The success of this event is thanks to every single one of you, who has over the years enjoyed a UCB product, or supported our industry and company through the ups but ultimately with the challenges. The success is a culmination of audacity, determination, sheer hard work and getting up and going after every attempt. It is a testament to the trust consumers and clients have given us and we have built over the years. It is the desire and expectation to have the continued promised fulfilled, it is not about just a day’s work. It is the trust and choice of the artists, who have proven to be the best of their generation and it is you all, to whom we say a heartfelt 



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