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January, 2024



As SCTL, we strive to be the Best-in-class Transporter of first choice by offering transport and logistics solutions that gives a competitive advantage to all our clients.    




SCTL was created in order to overcome the problem of transportation and distribution of beverages. The business maintains transport vehicles such as, Trucks, trailers, construction equipment, Forklift, Light Motor vehicles and SUVs as well as providing logistics solutions. SCTL also works with individual partners who have semi-trailers for the transportation of drinks to different UCB centres.



SCTL offers logistics, transport and fleet maintenance services to the KADJI GROUP Companies. As SCTL, we strive to be the Best-in-class Transporter of first choice by offering transport and logistics solutions that gives a competitive advantage to all our clients. We will provide SAFE, RELIABLE, EFFICIENT and RESPONSIVE transport and logistics solutions. This will be achieved through responsibly focusing on client engagement, strong employee value proposition and SHAREHOLDER value optimization.




The business aspires to achieve its vision   in the next 2 to 3 years which is anchored on four key building blocks as follows:

  • Human Capability Development

  • Digitization

  • Responsible use of resources in line with Global SDGs- Goal 12 and 13 In particulars

  • Financial prudence


Human Capability Development

Literally, development can be defined as ‘sustainable growth’. To this effect the business strongly believes in and pursues the concept of learning organization whereby employees are granted an opportunity and conducive environment for continuous improvement through training.

Special tailor-made training programs are being carried and will to be executed in order to up-skill our staff, in general, and drivers in particular with necessary defensive driving skills, attitudes and a sense of belonging essential to ameliorate on the current high accident rate. Plans are underway for the business to acquire a driving simulator which will enable the creation of a live training environment programmed to simulate various scenarios of the current road operating environment which our drivers our subjected to.

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Driving Simulator VS600M

The Lorry Driver of the Year (LDOY) competition, once implemented in the near future will stimulate constructive competition amongst our drivers and at the same time motivating them by way of trophy awards and other accolades. It is also our intention through widespread stakeholder engagement, that we influence the promulgation of   Road Use Regulations (legislation) that will favor and promote safer road usage by the generality of the public in order to reduce road carnage and property damage.


Technical Competence Acquisition


Programs Likewise, for the Fleet maintenance staff, there are two parallel programs for technical staff skills enhancement which are currently running namely, On the Job Training (OJTs) whereby technicians are assigned work in pairs on special work so that they can cross-pollinate data during the course of work execution. Competency Based Training (CBT) on the other hand is whereby external subject matter experts are brought in to train on specific topics. The combination of these training programs will enhance both practical and theoretical skills required to improve individual job cover ratios.


Sustainable Development Goals (alignment to SDGs 12 and 13)

The current global extreme weather conditions pose a threat to mankind and business and thus the aspects of climate change and its effect cannot be ignored. SCTL subscribes to the general guidelines of Global Sustainable Development Goals with special emphasis to Goal 12 (Responsible Consumption and Production) and Goal 13 (Climate Action) In view of this, SCTL has adopted 3 internal guiding principles or Goals as follows:

  • a.    Sustainable resource utilization and handling for the future

  • b.    Efficient use of Fuels and Oils

  • c.    Contributing to the Global reduction of Carbon footprint by the continuous embracing and consideration of GREEN options


The growing use of electrical forklifts and considerations to the use of CNG trucks and LPG forklifts is a testimony of the desire to go GREEN.


DIGITIZATION- Transport and Logistics leadership through Digitization

The business also embraces digitization as a key driver of productivity efficiency and customer service optimization. This will be achieved through:

  • Transitioning from manual to scientific Preventive Maintenance Scheduling

  • Use of Telematics to optimize logistics efficiency (Fleet Logistics Optimization -FLO)

  • RFId system for tyre management, driver logging systems and scorecards


Financial Prudence

SCTL believes in managing finances for a better future bottom line. Our actions today will impact our profitability in the future thus we will always rigorously critic our expenditures and pursue economically viable purchasing decisions driven by the desire to deliver reduce cost per kilometer and as a result, offer competitive charge rates to our clients.





The HELI electrical Hyster presented challenges emanating from axle failures attracting repair and replacement costs of over 900,000 XAF and 2,455,000XAF per unit respectively. Our technician devised workaround retrofitting dust cover plates to prevent entry of grit onto bearing. This reduced failure rate by over 50% when used in conjunction with polythene / bronze bushes. KUDOs to the TEAM for their innovation.

44 repair.jpg
45 repair.jpg

Hyster Technician DJIENGA JOEL ARMAND replacing BMU and BMS units, greasing 32T high lift machine.

Internalized Accident Repairs

While the rate of accidents remains a Key focus area for management, our Panel and Painting team rose to the occasion by internalizing the repairs with best quality, speed and least Costs.  Again, KUDOs to Mr. BERNADE and Team. Lastly, a rate rationalization exercise was carried out in the quarter and is in its last stage of approval. This will cushion the business against growing operating expenses (especially fuel tariffs) and further enhance essential margin protection measures thereby ensuring SHAREHOLDER value optimization. It should be noted that SCTL remains comparatively cheaper than other operators in the same business, true to our VISION- “Transporter of First Choice, offering competitive advantage to our Clients”

47 repair.jpg
46 repair.jpg

LTTR 213 AX (in the background before repairs)

LTTR 213AX After repairs by Bernade, William and Valery ORU

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