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January, 2024



SCI CHIMEDE is a real estate management company resolutely focused on the expansion and enhancement of the KADJI GROUP’s real estate portfolio.  


Our values

  • Professionalism: We comply with regulations and follow established property management procedures, always putting the needs of our clients first.

  • Proactivity: We prioritize efficient responses to customer requests, ensuring real-time solutions and exceptional service.

  • Safety: Tenant safety is a priority.  Indeed, SCI CHIMEDE uses state-of-the-art security measures, including surveillance cameras, control screens and intercom systems, as well as fire safety systems to minimize risks and provide a secure environment.  

Products and services

Our current portfolio of properties includes:

  • DOUALA: Bonapriso, Akwa, Bonanjo, Congo Market, Nkoulouloun

  • YAOUNDE: Bastos, Anne Rouge, Capitol, Briquetterie

  • BAFANG: opposite the Bafang court and opposite CENTRAL travel agency

  • NKONGSAMBA: Spaces at the Nkongsamba market




Established in 1962, SCI CHIMEDE has become a dominant player in Cameroon’s burgeoning real estate market, offering office, commercial and retail space, as well as housing solutions. Our properties are located in prime locations in Cameroon’s national triangle and equipped with modern amenities such as generators, efficient water pumps, alarms and fire safety systems, intercoms and state-of-the-art elevators. Our well-trained administrative, technical, maintenance and security staff are responsible for the smooth operation of our services across the portfolio and ensuring the utmost convenience and safety for our tenants.  


We have many projects underway


  • The renovation and redesign of our flagship building “le Cauris” in Akwa

  • The construction of a luxury shopping center at the capitol in Yaoundé

  • The construction of a commercial building in the Akwa district of Douala


The successful completion of all these projects will undoubtedly help to enhance the image of the assets already managed by SCI CHIMEDE.

Contact details:  

Telephone: (+237) 233 42 47 74  


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