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May, 2023

Director of Operations, UCB

The year 2022 will remain a memorable one for the Union Camerounaise de Brasseries for, it was special in terms of the quality of events that were showcased, the employee achievements and the presence and performance of each of our brands on the market.  


It was remarkable to see the consumers on the one hand and Cameroonians at large stand by and with us through our fiftieth anniversary celebration. 2022, will remain etched in our history and that of the nation. 


Contrary to popular belief, time does not stand still.  With a haste, 2023 presented itself and seems to already offer us its blank pages so we can continue to pen our stories. The trials seem to become larger and greater, and that is the challenge of all giants.


We affirm that our brands will remain attentive to their respective core targets and once again this year, will stand in harmony with our consumer expectations.


The Union Camerounaise de Brasseries is unceasingly committed to its compatriots for bolder, innovative experiences and brands in 2023. Some prefer to tell the story while others write the story, in any case, be ready for full speed ahead. On your marks, get set…

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