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The Management and Staff of Union Camerounaise de Brasseries (UCB) DOUALA    


Douala, 19th March 2021




It is with great shock and sadness that we learned of the untimely death of Mr. AJEWOLE IKEOLA ADEBAYO, on 1st March 2021 in Nigeria.

Mr. AJEWOLE was one of the founding Managing Directors of the Cameroon Alcohol Producers' Association (CAPA), an organization that brings together members of the alcohol industry in Cameroon to encourage fair public policies and promote public/private dialogue as well as pushing for responsible marketing and commercial practices.


We have to go back to the years 2014-2015 when the idea of an association of alcohol-producing companies was born. The increasing tax pressure, the persistent unfair competition due to the presence on the market of contraband and counterfeit products, the pressure from organizations lobbying against alcohol due to the increasing incidents and accidents related to excessive consumption of alcohol were, for Mr. AJEWOLE, battles to be waged to ensure the sustainability of UCB. For him, UCB alone could not effectively deal with these challenges, actors of the alcohol sector had to form a common front, hence the necessity to set up a platform to speak with one voice.


Under his leadership, UCB joined forces with Guinness Cameroun, SABC Group, FERMENCAM, and SOFAVINC to create, in 2018, the Cameroon Alcohol Producers' Association (CAPA).   Mr. AJEWOLE ensured that UCB's voice was heard and respected. He always presented his positions with a courteous tone and a smile on his face. Mr. AJEWOLE knew how to persuade his peers to show courtesy, tact, solidarity, speak with one voice, and abide by the decisions reached, staying true to the values of CAPA. He was the eldest among his peers and we all showed him the respect he rightfully deserved.


For Mr. AJEWOLE, CAPA's social responsibility had to be a reality, so he made it a duty to be present at all events of the association, the most memorable of them being the meeting with subcontractors organized jointly with GICAM in December 2018 and the one with the Associations for the defence of the rights and interests of consumers. Pooling forces and actors together within our industry, a principle that Mr. AJEWOLE shared with all of CAPA, will enable us to continue the work we started with him, participating alongside the government and other stakeholders in the fight against COVID-19 and other challenges the industry continues to face.


We are sorry for the loss, but we are thankful for his example of dedication to hard work. He leaves an indelible mark on CAPA, and we are all very lucky to have known him. To you, Mr. AJEWOLE, CAPA says "MERCI".


To the management and staff of the Kadji Group of companies (especially those at UCB) and to Mr. AJEWOLE's immediate family, all CAPA members join me in sending you our deepest and most sincere condolences.


We will hold you in our thoughts and prayers as you move through the process of grieving and healing. Please know that many like me are thinking of you.


Farewell, Dear Friend.


Andrew ROSS CAPA President

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